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I'm Sarah. Chicago. Columbia College. Music. Fall Out Boy. Mixtapes. Nirvana. Green Day. Girl Bands. Modest Mouse. Anything sad and emotional. Writing. Bass. Feminism. Equality. Q. Colors. Concerts. Photography. Kill Bill. Scott Pilgram. Lists. Books. Pete Wentz. Patrick Stump. Michael Cera. Rory Culkin. Journalism. Yearbook. Photoshop. Illustrator. Collages. Fashion. Coloring My Hair. Band Shirts. Combat Boots. French Fries. Aliens. The 90's.
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Hey guys I just created a blog that I’ll be updating as I read the bookWhere the Girls Areby Susan J. Douglas. I’m using it for a school project but it still might be cool idk. It’s about feminism and stuff so go check it out. and follow?